Monday, May 16, 2011

Back To School Lettering

i like laura the best. but she knows that.

Back to School Miscellany

and here's some of the floating stuff

i ♥ this dogggg

and yea, for all of you that recognize that trunk...I know. I just love it.

Back To School Promotion

So a while back I was asked to do this back to school promotion for a company I used to intern for back in the day. The project is a bit complicated to explain, but suffice it to say that it's been pretty long and involved and has a lot of parts. And it's definitely still not finished. I'd say we're about halfway.

Anyway, it's a web promotion, and the gist of it is that there are five tween/teen characters modeling back to school fashions. They're in their bedrooms, and certain objects might need to be moved around or used as hotspots, or what have you. So there's the room backdrop, the objects left separate, the name plates for the entry page, and eventually there will be five sets of five characters, modeling clothes. Gevolt, I said. BUT WHEN IT'S DONE I THINK IT WILL BE THE COOLEST.

Here are the first three backdrops

Friday, May 13, 2011

Swaps and Experiments: Get Low Get Low Get Low

This week over at Ten Paces and Draw our theme was Pretty Ladies. I drew this girl getting ready to drop it like it's hot, which I was pretty stoked on

and then Justin Volz took it to final to create this

which looks absolutely fantastic. Getting involved with this swap blog has been really interesting in a whole bunch of ways. It's really cool to see what people do with my work, what they leave in what they take out. And I think this particular one was awesome because it's so different from my sketch, but the feeling is still there. I like how sophisticated it looks. Somehow so much more grown up than mine. And yet, that's also kind of what I miss when looking at it...that awkwardness and goofiness that I always bring to the table without even thinking about it. So I thought I'd give it a whack, to practice some coloring of my own. Here's mine:

I still can't say that I like coloring digitally better than painting, not even a little bit. But it is pretty fun sometimes anyway.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Maria and Steve

My dear, fabulous friend Maria Duke was so inspired by the Valentine's Day portrait I did a ways back that she asked for a love portrait too. But, being an exquisitely unusual character, Ms. Duke asked for the Bonnie and Clyde pose:

and I think it turned out fantastic. I couldn't have had a better assignment. I wish I could paint Maria and Steve all the time. Much much love to my most favorite couple out there :-*

If you know anybody who needs a cartoon love portrait, tell them to give me a shout. I could do this all the time.