Friday, June 17, 2011


So this week over at Ten Paces and Draw we had a pattern theme. Alyssa was completely stoked, and the bulk of our guests were her prospective colleagues at Paper Bicycle, so they all rocked out hard. Being completely out of my element, I was a little hesitant...and to be real, Chris Hajny (who had my sketch) really saved my hide and made my piece look great. I don't know the first thing about making a pattern. But you know, I still really like the look of this piece. I don't think I would have ever come up with making something like this on my own, and I might have ditched the lettering, but i think all those noses look pretty cool.

Check out Chris's final piece though! It looks bang-a-rang, rufio.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Far Out, Man!

It was space week at Ten Paces and Draw! I can't say I've ever really done any space stuff before, but I was pretty stoked about it. Unfortunately, my sketch didn't really make it to final. Which is terribly disappointing because I was super proud of it. If I weren't being held at illustration gunpoint for a variety of other projects, I'd definitely finish it myself. Maybe someday soon. But all the same, I had a blast with Niki Maro's piece. And her final is even better!