Thursday, October 23, 2008

Lindsay Lohan

diptych portrait of Lindsay Lohan....yea, I've probably lost my mind entirely, choosing her as my subject. But oh well. drunk and debauched vs. happy and homosexual.

Black and White Characters

monster of rock, strangest fight scene ever, frustrated fortune teller, cute to brute transformation

FairyTale Revamp

These are my two versions, the long one is the final, of Rapunzel set in 1950s suburbia. I like the characters better in the bottom, but the composition better in the top. They're both acrylic, the bottom is 20 by 27, the top is something like 9 by 18.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Poster

Poster for mica's halloween party. It's circus/freakshow themed, hence the contortionist. The original is sort of tiny, 5.5x 8.5, but it's digitally assembled and blown up to 11 x 17. I'm kind of into it.

Character Redux

So I haven't really been on top of the whole updating my work thing recently...mostly because I've been getting some seriously harsh crits and intending to rework most of the pieces before posting them. But I will get to it. In the meantime, this is a piece reworking Ronald McDonald. She's got some street cred, and she's a little sassy and sporty. Soon to come: Rhonda McDonald in action. Stay tuned.