Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Skeleton from Hell-eton

charcoal pencil and white charcoal pencil on butcher paper

Hangman F

Do you see the F? My class apparently didn't.

ink, watercolor 12x16

Circles/Lines Alphabet

ink 12x18

Hands/Feet Alphabet

watercolor 12x18

First Illustration Project

10X10 pen, inkwash

it was an assignment for a black and white editorial illustration. my article was in the new york times, about how one of the city councilmen wants to pass a law that makes looking at someone in a voyeuristic way can cost you something like a 900 dollar fine or up to five days in jail. it was written with a really disbelieving tone, so i thought it would be funny to have a cop handcuffing a birdwatcher. i had a good time with it. first one is the final, below it is the sketch i did first (sorry the light is so bad in this one.)

Sketch Pages

Two for Life Drawing, One for Hand Letters...guess which.

Figure Studies

graphite 9x12s