Friday, October 14, 2011

Collab's Alive and Well

I know that one of the only swaps from Ten Paces and Draw that I've ever posted on my personal blog was a collaboration between me and the fabulous Justin Volz. And even though I've been doing these swaps since late March (OH MAN MORE THAN 6 MONTHS), I'm not usually interested in double-posting them over here on my other blog. But this one was too good to pass up.

Justin Volz

I love how much quieter and trendier Justin's sketch is. He's so super great, and so much different than my work, which comes out so much goofier and kidsier than his sketch. But that's what I like about my work, and what I like about his work, in such a different way.

And that right there is the whole point of the blog. I'm glad that 6 months in I'm still learning stuff, and still stoked to be a part of it. So HEY GO CHECK OUT THE REST OF THE SWAPS!