Sunday, August 14, 2011

PREIT Back To School Style Multiplier

After many months and many paintings, PREIT's back to school style multiplier is up and running! And I have finally gone to the trouble of blogging about it! I painted the heads, arms, legs, and hands of the characters, as well as their rooms, and the folks at Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust photoshopped my work into their back to school clothes and put together this great website. Not only is the website pretty crazy and awesome, but they have made big posters of the pieces targeting the nearest mall demographics and put them up on the SEPTA buses and regional rail!

Here are a couple cell phone photos that I was able to get (thanks to Laura Henderson, as well!) which are not super great in quality, but pretty awesome being that this is not the first time my work has been on a city bus!

So that is pretty slammin'! Enough to make me a little proud, anyway :)

Here are a couple of my favorite screenshots from the style multiplier website:

(click to embiggen!)

(click to embiggen!)

You can check out all HERE!