Monday, April 30, 2007

Variation Two: One Lump or Two

Variation One: One Lump or Two

Final Self-Portrait

29x41 charcoal


Illustration for a David Mamet poem. Maybe my favorite piece from first semester


These are details from a 6 foot by 1 foot panoramic narrative. each panel is a foot square.

Sketches At Symphony

In drawing as Illustration, we went to draw the BSO. Here are my two favorite sketches.


This was the first assignment in Catherine Behrent's Elements of Visual Thinking: a self portrait of something people can't see just by looking at you

Self-Portrait Pastel

Pastel Fruit

aw. my very first pastel. precious.

Mystery Monochrome

blue monday?

Four O'Clock

Shoe, Glass, Spoon, and Lemon on Mirror

sneaky lemon, eh?

Baby On Cowbox

What is the deal with this combination of objects anyhow?

Six Eggs On Mirror

"These aren't eggs! They're dinosaur eggs!"~ Michael Economos

Dye In Glass With Fork


Pumpkin and Drapery

yikes again..

Black and White Still Life