Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Paces and Draw Kicks Off!

This is a piece I painted that was conceived and sketched by Erica Sirotich for our new illustration-swap blog Ten Paces and Draw! My new roommate Alyssa Nassner and I had been talking a while about how we wanted to start an illustration/collaboration blog where we could do some work together, keep our hands busy, and also post some stuff that gets us psyched about illustration. So we roped in Isaac Orloff and Erica and just went for it. That explains my mysterious desk portrait post from the other day, as well.

This is just the first week, officially, which the theme was 'Under The Sea.' See the website for my sketch (a hammerhead shark with maracas!) that Isaac took to final. After we get a few weeks under our belt we'll be inviting other illustrators for guest posts. I am so stoked. We're still tweaking a bunch of things, and learning as we go on it, but as far as this week goes, I think we really started off with a bang. Next week will be even better.

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