Wednesday, December 10, 2008

TV Show Pitch

So this is my show....currently called Benny Quigly: KnickKnack Explorer. The idea is that eleven year old Benny lives with his Grandfather, Orville Quigly, who used to be a world-famous explorer. Benny wants to be just like Gramps and spends the bulk of his time on the edge of his seat, listening to tales of Gramps' glory days, with his little dog Kipling at his side. But when Gramps dozes off in the middle of the retelling, Benny and Kipling take the adventure into their own hands, through their imaginations, and the basement becomes the jungle, the attic becomes the amazon, the backyard becomes the arctic. It's sort of like wishbone meets Indiana Jones. Basically, I would so watch this show. But anyway, here are the character designs for Benny, Gramps, and Kipling, as well as a shot of Gramps' study.

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